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Live Unknown

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 5:42 AM
We find our selves encased in the chaos of life, subject to the mundane of reality.
However, those that dare to wonder off, who deviate if only for a moment, find themselves within the spoils of the unknown.

To create is to live unknown, to be unknown is to have lived detached from society. It is in this detachment that creation is possible. We create imagery through the use of reception, to that which exists within the unknown, the untravelled. To create is to be free, to capture that which exists unknown to the collective eye. To capture the very essence of your perception. To create imagery, is to give of yourself.

To be an artist is to be deviant, to detach yourself, to wonder the unknown...

Today I started my online collection of photography. My only intention is to create and express from the very depths of my spirit, what I see, captured in moments of my perception.

May my Images evoke my thoughts upon my dreams.

I see, I dream, I feel... I am eternal.